2013 week 17 Makeup, moving and party (couldn’t find a word for party starting with m)

2013 week 17 Makeup, moving and party (couldn’t find a word for party starting with m)

I used more money on makeup this week, but my job outside my SU (government support for students) give me enough money so it’s not a problem ๐Ÿ™‚ . I bought two color tattoos from Maybelline, in taupe and black. The reviews for these are great so I’m looking forward to play with them. The black I might use to recreate a Kristin Steward tutorial from Pixiwoo that looks so pretty, with cranberry colours. I also bought two Youngblood gel liners, one in Sienna, a brown bronze color, and one in Lagoon which is a lovely teal colour that I just had to have. I fell in love with teal gel liners after a blog post from Makeup and Beauty Blog (it wasn’t Youngblood though, but Laura Mercier’s Canard Crรฉme Eye Liner) and when I saw Matas have that colour I knew I had to get it, so I went to Matas and bought it, and ofcourse I couldn’t keep myself from buying anything else ๐Ÿ™‚ .
When I bought the two Maybelline products I got a free heatset that actually has an okay quality, and as my old Ipod headset was broken it was even better. First I only wanted to buy the black color tattoo and then maybe the taupe one, but then I saw the deal on the headset and bought both ๐Ÿ™‚

We went to Ikea one day with Kims mom (as she has a nice big car to carry shit in) where we bought an expedit bookcase for the living room (to replace a random, old, broken speaker as was being used for a laptop connected to the television) and a cabinet for under the sink in the bathroom as we needed the storage space. When we assembled the cabinet we found out that the legs for it were sold separately, that we still need to buy, so now it is standing on a pallet in the bathroom.

On the saturday we helped my parents move accros the street to their new house ( their new house is 3 street number away from their old one). We arrived about 8:30 where the whole family already had started. My parents were there, ofcourse, my big brother Jรธrgen and his girlfriend Maj, my younger brother Steffen and his buddy Jonas an then Kim and myself. Steffen and Jonas were taking all the heavy furniture on a cart thingie nonstop, while the rest of us carried boxes and other loose stuff. In under 4 hours we were done and my mom had prepared a grand lunch for us. On the way home we were followed by Jonas with the company van with a oak dresser to replace 3 old things we had in the bedroom, so instead of a lot of small storage things we have one large one. We made room for it but we didn’t throw anything out or fill it yet as we had 6 guest coming in the evening, so we needed to buy some food and make the apartment and myself ready before they came. Almost all the guys we started with at DTU came, and a few others, so we made meatloaf, root french fries in the oven, bread (from frost) and homemade sauce.

Sunday we emptied the old storage thing that were being thrown out, threw out what needed and filled the remaining in the oak dresser, where Kim also got a sock drawer, which he is very happy about ๐Ÿ™‚

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