2013 week 20 Last week of the semester!

2013 week 20 Last week of the semester!

Last week of the semester! I turned in my last two assignments, where one of them was a poster that we needed to do a small talk about at the last class of our Indoor Climate course. The week was nice and warm so I found my skirts from the closet. I love wearing skirts and dresses, but the danish weather very rarely makes it possible so it was nice that the weather behaved for once.
I found a summer school that I want to apply to. It’s located in Darmstadt, Germany and the course itself fits perfectly into my masters. The course is called “Energy-efficient and Sustainable Building and Construction”. It costs about 2k euros, but the government will be able to cover some of it, so it won’t be so bad – but even if they didn’t I would still be able to make it. I can’t wait to try studying abroad! If I get in, that is. The due date for the application is June 1st, but I intend to apply about a week before that, if possible.
So now I just need to study for my exams (I have 2 this semester) and make an application and motivational letter for the summer school, and work when I have the time.

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