2013 week 24 3-weeks course and “no poo”

2013 week 24 3-weeks course and “no poo”

I started my 3-week course this week. The course is about measuring thing in indoor climate, building tech and solar panels. It’s not quite as chill as I had hoped, but it will be fine.

This week I also started something called “no shampoo” as an experiment. Basically I stopped using shampoo and conditioner and used baking soda and apple cider vinegar and water instead. This I need to use for 2 weeks, then I just wash with water for about 4 weeks and then start with baking soda /vinegar again. I hope my scalp will benefit from this as it has always been very dry and sensitive and I definitely don’t think shampoo is helping. So far I can feel my hair getting greasier, but no improvement in my scalp, as of yet, as I also have stopped using all the helpful things for it.

Sunday I had a “date” with my two girlfriends from high school. We had loads of fun and ate way too much. Louise, our host, had made a delicious desert with meringue bottom, sherbet and lots of berries and nuts – and we had to eat it all as the sherbet was put onto the platter and could not be saved for later.

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