2016 wrap-up – things I learned, and goals for 2017

2016 wrap-up – things I learned, and goals for 2017

Happy new years! I hope you had a good night, with lots of laughs and other joyous things. The husband and I spent the evening at home, just the two of us, with some good wine and food. Apparently I drank too much, and was miserable the entire day after, which is why this post is only getting done now ­čÖé

Being a new year, I thought it would be nice to write down what I’ve learned this year, and some of my goals for 2017. (wall of text incoming – hah)

What I learned in 2016

Working out is awesome!

I started working out casually in June, once or twice a week. When we went to the states in August, I could see how much my muscles had grown when I looked at pictures of me. So I thought: “If there is a visible difference in how I look, by just working out casually, then imagine how quickly I could see a difference if I┬áworked out strictly!”. When we got home in the middle of August, I started working out steadily between 2 and 3 times a week, following this program. It’s great because I can work out from home, using only a pull up bar (and a yoga mat, but that’s not strictly┬ánecessary). I was unemployed from the time we got home from the states, so I had plenty of time to work out in the morning, stress free from having to get out of the door at a set time.

And I felt great! I don’t think I have ever felt better about my body. If someone had told teenage me how easy it was to build muscles, I would have started right then and there. It’s such an amazing confidence booster to see your efforts giving fruit.

Unfortunately, I have been terrible at keeping up with it during December, but I plan to get back on track in 2017.

USA is amazing

This year was the first time I went to USA. We visited my parents in the San Francisco area, and spent some overlapping time with both of my brothers and their SO’s (read all about it here). I had heard lots of amazing things about the states (and California especially), but damn, I don’t think I was prepared for the great weather (a dry heat that can be cool in the evenings), the wicked cool landscapes down highway 1 and the super friendly people. I am definitely coming back to the United States┬áto visit other areas, when we actually have some money to spend on such “luxury” things.

Routine is everything when it comes to keeping a clean home

We moved to our new apartment in April, and I was determined to try and keep it as clean as possible, at all times. My mood is very dependent on the state of my home, so the more mess I have, the worse I feel – I can honestly feel myself get kinda depressed when my house is too messy, so I loose sight of the big picture, and I feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of cleaning it would take to reach some kind of┬átidiness, so I end up procrastinating the cleaning, and then it just gets worse, until we have visitors coming – then I sprint around for hours trying to reduce the mess (only to settle on some kind of semi clean).

But with the move, I made a schedule – a weekly and a monthly. So each day of the week a have a small chore to do, like vacuuming, doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom, and every month have a list of things to deep clean in a specific room in the apartment (rotating the rooms each month, so the entire cycle is 6 months, since we have 6 rooms). The monthly list has things like cleaning windows, dusting areas that aren’t dusted regularly, and emptying areas that are neglected. And since it’s divided into each room, I don’t get overwhelmed by having to clean 7 windows at once for example.

Since getting these lists done, I feel so much more on top of my cleaning, and my mental health. Sure, sometimes a chore gets pushed to the next day, or next week, but as long as it gets done on time most of the time, I feel so much better. When we get visitors, I still run around like a mad man for hours, but now it’s to make it look nice, and not just to make it look “good enough”.

Next year:

Generally I want to get back into working out and eating healthy – December has a tendency to mess up any healthy living for me. But there are 2 major points that I want to focus more on going forward.

Work on writing more

This means both on the blog, and on creative writing.

I feel like I have neglected the blog for several months after becoming unemployed (which is totally opposite what I thought would happen. I thought more time = more blogging). So I want to start writing more, maybe even commit to 1 or 2 post per week (I have material for several months of post already, so I definitely need to get started).

The husband and I had a conversation in the fall where I remembered that I wanted to attend journalist school so I could become a writer, which was a huge dream of mine for many years growing up – but I kinda forgot about until that convo. After that I attended some online courses in creative writing on Coursera (that I still need to finish before I forget everything I learned) and found out that it takes a but-load of training to get anywhere decent. So writing short stories, or “writing prompts” on reddit, or even working on a bigger piece, is something I want to do more regularly.

Get more structured when I’m at home

I love making todo lists, but I get so discouraged when I don’t manage to do the things I have written down, so I want to get better at actually doing the things I plan to. Since being unemployed it has gotten worse – I sometimes end up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or another tv show) the entire day. Last year I bought a paper calendar with a day per page and it helped some, but there is definitely room for improvement.

I would love to plan out my day with timeslots for different task, like blog writing from 9AM to 10AM, creative writing from 10AM to 11AM and so on, but I have trouble estimating how long a task will take. But I guess it will come with experience.


Wow, apparently I had a lot on my mind –┬áthe post just kept getting longer and longer ­čÖé

So that’s my thoughts – do you have any goals for 2017?

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