2013 week 19 More shopping

2013 week 19 More shopping


Not too much happened this week. I still had a lot of school work to do as the semester is almost over. Monday I drove with Kim to school in the morning, and then when he had class in the afternoon I went to the mall in Lyngby and found 4 (!) cardigans, two of them short sleeved -perfect for summer, and a skirt from H&M and a blush and a bronzer from the Body Shop where I also got a makeup brush for half price. The bronzer is very nice and pigmented, I have to be kind of carefull with it otherwise I’ll look crazy tan. The blush is not very pigmented, almost to a point where I really can’t tell if I have applied it or not, so I suppose it can work well for natural looks (I think the colour is basically perfect for me). The brush is okay, it tends to be a little sharp in the hairs if you use it a certain way.

Beautybay finally re-stocked the Theodora pallette from Urban Decay, so I had to buy it, and it arrived this week as well. I love the colours, and the quality is great as it usually is from UD. I haven’t tried the two duo colours yet, but I’ll have to play with them at some point.

Look made with the Theodora Palette

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